The historical past of the city within the Gemer area is linked to mining.

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After the set up of a workpiece portraying a pair of five-meter-high blacksmith’s pliers, a brand new instructional path, and a renovated old “Turkish” bridge, the Gemer area will boast one other vacationer attraction – the Mining Museum.

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It’ll current the historical past of the city of Hnúšťa, which is inextricably linked to mining. An exposition within the a part of a mine that’s now not used, in addition to a mineral paying homage to gold, is believed to grow to be the museum’s hottest attraction.

Explore Slovakia with our travel guides.

Explore Slovakia with our travel guides.

Explore Slovakia with our travel guides.

“The museum is the results of an distinctive cooperation between our city, the personal mining firm Gemerská Nerudná Spoločnosť, and the native civic affiliation Horná Rimava,” Hnúšťa mayor Roman Lebeda advised the My Novohrad web site.

The museum might be housed in a constructing owned by the city. Its reconstruction resulted in March. The constructing is positioned in Mútnik, a Hnúšťa borough, the place the nonetheless working mining firm can also be primarily based.

Excursions underground

The opening of the museum close to the nonetheless working mining firm isn’t any coincidence.

“We selected this place intentionally as a result of a go to to the museum will embrace not solely an exposition within the constructing, but additionally a brief tour underground,” Lebeda defined.

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Along with excursions, the mining firm will present a number of reveals to the brand new museum.

Idiot’s gold

Horná Rimava will co-run the brand new cultural establishment. Marianna Balašková, president of the civic affiliation, mentioned that the objective is to deal with the prevalence and mining of native minerals.

“A customer will be taught extra about the usage of talc and magnesite,” she mentioned. Kids will get pleasure from an exposition about idiot’s gold, correctly known as pyrite, which resembles gold, she added.

It’s in Hnúšťa that the rarest items of pyrite happen, reaching a measurement of as much as 20 cm.

The museum must be open to the general public in the summertime months.

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